Play With Crypto

PWC is a farming game based on the Play-To-Earn concept.

It mean you could earn money while playing the game!

The game's goal is to farm a tree and get rewards in exchange for its growth.

Play With Crypto


In the game, players should purchase tree and begin farming it till it produces apples. Three PWC tokens are equal to one apple. Each tree will bear three apples per day. Also the trees will need to be watered daily and it cost one token. Users also have an option to make a one-time payment for water, which will be done automatically for the trees to grow apples.

Download whitepaper to find out more How to play tutorial

PWC Token

PWC Token Info

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Symbol: PWC

Token Address: 0x72Afa3f56b20701D4536f19601F274A57d92520F

Total Supply: 20,000,000

Metamask Add PWC token to Metamask

Burn: 100 PWC per one tree

Mint: 3 PWC per tree per day

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